Victims Register

If you are a victim of crime and you wish to receive information about a convicted offender who is serving a sentence of imprisonment, or who is a forensic patient, you may be eligible to be listed on a Victims Register.

When listed on a victims register, victims of crime are given the right to information about the offender’s status and can include the following information:

  • the name of the prison in which the offender is currently imprisoned
  • sentence details
  • security classifications
  • details of any transfer of the offender from one prison to another
  • date and circumstances under which the offender will be released (for example, on bail, leave of absence, home detention or parole)
  • escape from custody and return to custody

A victim should, on request, be kept informed of the offender’s impending release or escape from custody or of any change in security classification that result in the offender being eligible for unescorted absence from custody.

The Victim Support Unit can assist with Parole submissions, should you be eligible to submit one. For more information, please contact us.

For further information, contact the NSW Victims Register

Corrective Services NSW: Corrective Services NSW has responsibility for people who have been convicted of an offence and are in custody. Contact via their website or phone (o2) 8346 1374.

The Forensic Unit of the Mental Health Review Tribunal:  The Forensic Unit of the Mental Health Review Tribunal has responsibility for the victims register in relation to forensic patients as defined in the Mental Health (Criminal Procedure) Act 1990. Contact via their website or phone on (02) 9816 5955.

The Department of Juvenile Justice:  The Department of Juvenile Justice has responsibility for juveniles who have been accused or convicted of an offence and are in custody. Contact via their website or phone on (02) 9219 9427.

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