Your Rights


The NSW Charter of Victims Rights sets out how victims should be treated by government agencies.

Please visit the NSW Police Charter Of Victims Rights.

Offender Versus Victims Rights gives you an indication of the rights of an offender, the rights of a victim and what the Jury does not hear.

VOCAL Inc NSW continually works to ensure:

  • The individual nature and impact of crimes is always recognised
  • That victims are individuals and deserve to have individual care
  • That each challenge that a victim meets is effectively addressed
  • That victims are assisted to understand, prepare for and manage their life after crime
  • That victims receive every legitimate assistance society can offer for as long as the impacts and consequences caused by the crime last
  • That victims of crime are empowered and supported in whatever manner required to survive the crime and its consequences

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What happens if there is a breach of the Charter?

The Charter of Victims Rights gives victims of crime in New South Wales the right to make a complaint when they are not satisfied with the service they received from a government agency or their entitlements under any of the rights were not met. For see here for further information on Accessing you rights.

To make a complaint about a breach of the Charter see the Victims Services website – Making a complaint under the Charter of Victims Rights.