Homicide – Bernadette

Dear Robyn,

In honour of Bernadette – never forgotten.

The story of Bernadette Groomsbridge of South Australia must be told when the subject of family suicide comes up.

Bernadette’s husband was one of these suicide statistics. However, before committing suicide he shot Bernadette and left their three beautiful children orphaned.

Attending Bernadette’s funeral a couple of years ago I felt overwhelmed by several factors; watching the children (heartbreaking), the failure of anyone to mention the domestic violence, how the wife-murder became renamed, trivialised and minimised by being called a ‘family tragedy'; and how his death was used as a political tool by a men’s rights group.

Perhaps they would both be alive today if the husband had of been dealt with by the law effectively and firmly in the first place? Perhaps then he would/could have received assistance for his worsening mental health? 

Instead, he was ‘kept in an angry place’ by this kind of propaganda – these organisations that promote anti-women legislation or anti paying child support agendas as a means of curing mental health problems in men have a lot to answer for.

Not only to the women and children but to the men they allege to assist.
Women’s rights are human rights. Where were the children’s rights?

Edith Pringle
Advocate for Peace and responsible government, South Australia.

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