Committee Members

We welcome interested members of the public to join us in our vision to shape the future by validating, honouring and empowering victims of crime.  

Our committee meets once a month to oversee the running of the Victim Support Unit and to address ongoing victims issues. 

As stated in our Constitution, the objectives of The League include:

                  1. to protect, foster, aid and assist victims of crime

                 2. to bring to the attention of the public, media and public bodies  or institutions the need to protect, safe guard and advance the interest of victim to aid
                 and assist the rehabilitation of victims

                  3. to work to influence the Government into making changes by introducing new legislation or by amending existing legislation, to bring about justice                          for victims and the protection of them and their families.

If you have an interest in advancing the rights of victims of crime, contact us to to be apart of our network of supporters.

2019 Committee positions: 

President : Barry Kilby; Vice President/media spokesperson: Kerrie Thompson; Secretary: Hannah Stenstrom;   Treasure: Shelly Weston; Committee Members: J. Heath; S. Williams; B Howard; P. Hill; S. King; B. Ross; W. Baugh; R. Cotterell-Jones.