Life Members

Dawn Gilbert (now deceased) : Founder of VOCAL Inc NSW
On 8 March, 1988, Dawn and Barry Gilbert’s 19 year old daughter Tracey Lee, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend while she was working at a Woodberry hair salon. Dawn and Barry found that the system’s responses to victims and their families was inadequate, and in November 1989, Dawn called for a public meeting at Beresfield Bowling Club.  600 people attended, including politicians form both major parties, and  discussions took place around inadequate sentencing and the lack of support for victim of crime going through the criminal justice system. Dawn established the Victims of Crime Assistance League Inc NSW and spent many years dedicating her time and energy lobbying for legislative changes and for victims rights.

Chief Inspector Paul Baker (now deceased)

Robyn Cotterell-Jones OAM

Peter Hill 
Peter joined VOCAL in 1995, after his good friend was killed by a drunk driver who was 3 times over the limit, and on drugs. Peter experienced first hand the lengthy legal process and found VOCAL provided the support he needed. Peter has been on our committee ever since, and is an invaluable member of our organisation. Peter was awarded life membership status in 2017.