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Our mission

Victims of Crime Assistance League Inc NSW (VOCAL) was formally formed in 1989, as a self-help support group for families after homicide. By 1994, in response to need, VOCAL had become a ‘generalist’ victim support organisation and today supports men, women and children whose lives have been impacted by crime and the often complex aftermath. VOCAL is a registered charity and welcomes community support to promote positive community outcomes. We are positive that good, personal, needs-based support really changes the lives of our clients and their families.

VOCAL offers personal support and guidance to help clients understand and manage their current situations and very complex crime-related challenges. The crime does not have to have been reported to police, and may be recent or historical to be eligible for assistance from VOCAL.
We offer a comprehensive range of trauma-informed education, positive strategies, information and warm referrals to people who may help.  Our clients say our service is genuine, unique and very welcomed.

Victims follow many pathways through what is most often, at the start, an unfathomable complex journey.  Some will need to understand and prepare for various different court matters, all with variable stages, such as NSW Local, District and Supreme Courts, Children’s court, and Family Court. Clients may have concerns over when to attend, giving evidence, dealing with the media, prosecution, Cross-examination, Victim Impact Statements, sentencing, Appeals, parole submissions, Mental Health Tribunal matters and restorative justice strategies.  Our role is to support clients to understand and make good, informed decisions.

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Wendy Baugh

Administration Assistant
Vanessa MacDougall

Vanessa MacDougall

Victim Support Specialist

Kerrie Thompson

Senior Victim Support Specialist

Robyn Cotterell-Jones OAM