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WE HAVE MOVED! VOCAL is now located at Level 1 / 432 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300. Next to Civic Station, in the Passmores’ Building.

Please email ceo@vocal.org.au or call (02) 4926 2711 for assistance.


Crime victims are ordinary people who have been threatened, harmed or killed, by another person.  The name of a crime is a legal definition eg Murder, manslaughter, assault, sexual assault.  Suffering a crime, particularly a violent crime, changes lives of many more than the direct victims.  Expectations may be challenged by trauma, legal and life processes, with victims’ expectations of and satisfaction with justice being challenged too.  Physical, emotional and financial fallout, grief, loss, capacity, changes in relationships and support systems can be very complex and ordinary life dreams and responsibilities can be hard to hold onto.  The criminal process alone can be tough and last a very long time – often for years.

VOCAL offers positive support for people affected by crime, especially violent crime.

VOCAL Inc NSW, a gift-deductible charity formed in 1989, believes that if people can access proper tools, the right information, referrals, guidance and non-judgemental support, then  coping and recovery – in whatever form that takes – will be possible, and will minimise  further harm that often follows a crime.

The savings to people and society of proper, timely support, are immense. We operate a victim support Unit in the Hunter Region of NSW with one senior, outposted worker in Sydney, funded by NSW Department of Attorney General & Justice via Victims Services.

VOCAL Inc NSW’s Mission Statement:  To provide excellence in positively supporting the needs of people affected by crime and similar tragedy, and the law abiding community.

To promote the rights and needs of crime victims.

VOCAL Inc NSW’s Motto is “Victim – Survivor – Thriver – Inspirer” an aspirational pathway reflecting our belief that timely, truthful, positive & trauma-informed support works.     People regain control over their lives, understand the limitations of services and processes, make informed choices and learn to better manage life’s challenges. Many overcome hardship and follow our motto,  going on to become inspirational leaders for others, teaching, by example, that we are all “Alive for a Reason”.

VOCAL Inc NSW  services: Offers needs-based, free, personal, comprehensive range of information, guidance, support, referral, positive strategies, court preparation, court support, assistance with writing and delivering Victim Impact Statements, understanding sentencing,  the parole process, Mental Health Tribunal matters, restorative justice processes and advocacy if things are not going well.

Other support may include crime prevention, making a report to police, coping if you don’t want to report, historical crimes like sexual abuse that happened when the victim was a child or crimes that happened long ago.  Many people have suffered several crimes. VOCAL responds to the person, not just a crime type.

There is no generic or “catch-all” approach defining what case fits under  the term ‘victim of crime’, or  guarantees of  how a case will unfold.  Victims have a right to seek help from VOCAL when they require it, and at whatever point they have reached on  their life journey.  Victims of the same crime type will have different experiences, responses, capacities and needs.  They will come from all walks of life, so our client-centred personal focus ensures that the support services we provide and refer to,  remain sensitive to the needs of each of our clients, irrespective of any group with which they may identify, such as:

  • Gender Identity
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religious Identity
  • Cultural Group
  • Political Persuasion
  • Occupation

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For an annual fee of  $15, you can BECOME A MEMBER !! We welcome law-abiding members of the community to join VOCAL and support our work as members, volunteers, interns, students and professionals.


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