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Victims Of Crime Assistance League Inc NSW

Crime victims are ordinary people – just like you.  They may have been threatened, physically harmed or killed, leaving complicated, unexpected and ongoing challenges to be faced.  Just criminal legal processes alone can last for years. Most people don’t really understand, at the beginning.

Located in Newcastle NSW,  VOCAL Inc NSW is a unique, gift-deductable charity assisting people harmed by crime, throughout NSW.  The Charity speaks the voices of real, law-abiding people who join to be part of an evolving strategy of care and positive change for crime victims in NSW.  Members can assist with advocacy – speaking out about what is needed, or what needs to change.  Positive systemic developments are possible through the Charity, so please join, and or support VOCAL Inc NSW.

Our Victim Support Unit, funded via Department of Justice (Victims Services), operates within the Hunter Region of NSW and in Sydney. We believe timely, accurate information, practical and positive emotional support to victims of crime is paramount to recovery. VOCAL aspires to empower clients to make informed choices, guiding them through their current situations.  We provide community education and advocacy.

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Victim Support Unit

The Victim Support Unit provides emotional support and practical strategies

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Types of Crime

For information about different types of crimes people may encounter.

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About the Legal system

For information about the NSW legal system and criminal justice.

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27 years of assisting men, women and children

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