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Crime victims are ordinary people who have been threatened, harmed or killed, by another person.  The name of a crime is a legal definition such as murder, manslaughter, assault or sexual assault.  Suffering a violent crime changes lives of many more than the direct victims.  Expectations may be challenged by trauma, legal and life processes, with victims’ expectations of and satisfaction with justice being challenged too.  Physical, emotional and financial fallout, grief, loss, capacity, changes in relationships and support systems can be very complex and ordinary life dreams and responsibilities can be hard to hold onto.  The criminal process alone can be tough and last a very long time – often many years.

VOCAL offers positive support for people affected by crime, especially violent crime.

VOCAL Inc NSW is a gift-deductible charity formed in 1989 and we believe that if people can access proper tools, the right information, referrals, guidance and non-judgmental support, then  coping and recovery – in whatever form that takes – will be possible, and will minimise  further harm that often follows a crime.

The savings to people and society of proper, timely support are immense.
Our Victim Support Unit operates within the Hunter Region of NSW and in Sydney.

Victim Support Unit

The Victim Support Unit provides positive support and assistance.

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About the Legal system

For information about the NSW legal system and criminal justice.

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Types of Crime

For information about different types of crimes people may encounter.

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Facts about VOCAL

VOCAL supports survivors, families and the community to deal with the real life effects of violent crime.

27 years of service

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6 incredible staff

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1 local office

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Countless lives impacted

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